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Welcome to my news page, here are some important things that you might like:

Young Musicians
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Man Playing Bassoon

New album: Tendencias e Influencias, piano music in Colombia

This album features composers from different times and regions of Colombia, from French impressionistic influence, to Colombian folcklor. 

Conference: Anatomy and physiology for musicians. At the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

On April 23, I will be virtually at this important University in the United States, where I will speak about some aspects of human anatomy and physiology that we as musicians should know. Many thanks to the piano area of the University, especially to Dr. Juan Pablo Andrade, for the invitation.

Lecture: The piano in Colombia, a brief history of pianists and composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. University of Lübeck, Germany

On May 18 I will be virtually at the University of Lübeck, Germany, talking about Colombian composers, a bit of their history and work. I will also play some pieces from my latest album "Tendencias e Influencias II". Many thanks to the music department, especially Professor Laurens Patzlaff, for the invitation.

Grand Piano
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